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How to Curb Down the Urges for Tobacco Once you’ve Quit

Leaving behind things you love or even the loved ones can be daunting and difficult, but nevertheless, if they disturb your peace and lifestyle, you might as well let them go. This applies to tobacco too. Once you’ve quit, there will be times where you will want to pull your hair and bite your nails, but there are ways you can stop these crazies affecting you. Just follow the following tips to succeed in overcoming the rough patch of your life.

  • In starting days, try spending free time in public areas where smoking is prohibited, (malls, libraries, museums, restaurants, theatres, and even churches).
  • Try attaining as much sleep as possible, also have loads of water to stay hydrated, this helps you prevent energy.
  • Try drinking fruit juices or sport drinks as an alternate to caffeine or alcohol.
  • If one misses the idea of holding a cigarette in the hand then try holding a paper, pencil, marble, or a coin.
  • And if one misses the idea of having it in the mouth then try cinnamon sticks, toothpick, celery or sugarless gum or lollipops, either try on chewing a stir stick or straw.
  • Take long and deep breathes. Acknowledge how it feels to fill up your lungs with fresh air.
  • Brush your teeth quite often and enjoy the fresh taste.
  • (push-ups, lunges, relaxing muscles, stretching and climbing stairs)
  • When you can’t resist the crazies, eat pickles, carrots, raisins, hard candy etc.
  • Know that feeling of anxiety, irritability, frustration and restlessness is common and will happen, keep reminding yourself of the goal and try coping up with these feelings.
  • Take a shower when craving it
  • Light a candle in place of a cigarette.
  • Encourage yourself by saying stuff like “I’m not weak”, “ I’m strong and I will not give up”, “I can do this”

How to stay tobacco-free during holidays

Often when on a holiday or under stress, people tend to give into the urges and light a cigarette. That is the time when temptation is too high. By following these things one can celebrate holidays without much thought.

  • Become the host

When you invite people over for a feast, the preparations occupies most of your time leaving you with no time to think of tobacco. Shopping for groceries and cooking, managing the house and setting the mood right for the night will keep you on your toes. In case you are attending someone’s party, then try cooking a dish to take along.

  • Avoid sugary and spicy food

People over indulge in food when on a holiday, such foods enhance your cravings.

  • Stretch the meals you eat.

Eating slowly and pausing between the bites makes your meal largely satisfying. Don’t go for cakes and donuts for desserts, rather eat a fruit or crack few nuts to nibble on.

  • Treat yourself

When you feel that you have sustained yourself well, then treat yourself by buying something you have wanted to buy. Take a day out, and picture the success you are slowly and steadily achieving, work out each day for a new beginning.

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