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What many people will start to notice when they vape on a regular basis is that their chosen device will start to get sticky, blocked, or even smelly. This is because there is so much liquid that is going through the device and even though it gets heated up on a regular basis through the coils, this often isn’t enough to melt the residue away. And then for others, they may notice that their device leaks which can cause a whole lot of other issues.

Whatever the scenario may be, the good news is that all people have to do is be a little bit proactive about taking care of their device so that they are able to have a much better experience. This means that they are able to get full usage out of their device and they can have peace of mind that it is going to work when they want it to. As this is the case, here is a closer look at how to stay hygienic and clean when using an Australian e-cigarette with these simple and yet effective tips.


You can stay hygienic and clean when using an e-cig by taking apart the device and cleaning the separate parts on a regular basis

While there are many people out there who use this kind of device and who are very good at cleaning the outside of it, they will often forget about the inside and this is often the area that can cause issues down the track. Because of this, it is a very good idea for people to take apart the device so that they are able to clean the separate parts on a regular basis.

This is because the tank can often fill up with substrate and sometimes the coils will need wiping over as well. Thankfully, this isn’t too hard to do and all people need to do is fill a bowl up with warm and soapy water, they can detach the tank, and they can then give it a little bit of a soak. From there, they can give it a bit of a scrub and can then leave it our to dry or can dry it with paper towel. If people do this often enough, they likely won’t have any trouble when using their e-cig on a regular basis.


You can stay hygienic and clean when using an e-cig by replacing the coils when they get too dirty or too burned out

Even when people are very proactive with their e-cig and they are willing to take it apart to give it a good clean on a regular basis, this doesn’t mean that it will solve all of their problems right away. This is because other things can wrong such as the batteries dying, or the coils may have burned out. And when this occurs, it can sometimes make the device dangerous, it can make it taste funny, or it can create more substrate than is necessary.

Thankfully, all people have to do is to once again take a proactive approach and can replace their coils on their e-cig on a regular basis. These kinds of parts can usually be found from the same store that people purchase their juice from, or they can easily be ordered online. Wherever people decide to buy them from, they are sure to have a much easier experience overall when they are willing to clean their device on a regular basis and when they’re willing to replace parts.


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